About us

The Early Beginnings:

On 6th November, 1990 the TZ Technisches Zentrum Entwicklungs- & Handelsgesellschaft mbH, seated in Leipzig, (in short: TZ GmbH Leipzig) was founded and entered into the German Trade Register.

Our core business consists of Streaming Water solutions for training and diagnostics of water sport athletes, in particular swimmers, triathletes and canoeists (including race and white-water rafting canoeists). The solutions cover the development and constructions of flumes and counter-current pools (see our Glossary). Our „predecessor“ (1976 – 1989) up until our year of foundation was the company TZGA (Technisches Zentrum Geräte- und Anlagenbau) – active in the field of developing and constructing sports facilities and equipment, mainly for training but also for competition applications in high performance sports. The TZGA, but also other sports-scientific institutions, carried out intensive research activities to develop and manufacture swimming flumes and counter-current pools (and other sports equipment) as early as in the 1970s. All these efforts were bundled at the TZGA. Starting in 1972, injured athletes trained and received therapy in the unique counter-current flume in Leipzig (later, more were erected at 10 other locations, too) for the first time. It was then realized that streaming water brings incredible benefits for health and healing processes for lots of different injury types. With that knowledge, streaming water was used for the treatment of high-performance athletes from the aforementiond sports disciplines and others.

The Times and Demands in Change

After the political changes in 1990, we increasingly focused our activities on the development of flumes and counter-current pools for rehabilitation and health sports.

We bundled our efforts and received great support by acclaimed sports scientists and medical experts. People in general more and more developed a healthier lifestlye, hence the demand for counter-current pools for private homes and rehabilitation facilities was on the increase. We reacted to this changing market and developed counter-current pools that are specially designed for rehabilitation and private home usage. Still, they always feature our successfully proven technology, of course.