More than a Pool

New opportunities in physical rehabilitation, for firness, wellness and in training. Physical rehabilitation, performance diagnostics and training in the regulated uniformly streaming water.

Valuable Experience

With over 40 years of experience, the TZ Technisches Zentrum Entwicklungs- & Handelsgesellschaft mbH develops, designs, constructs, builds and sells unique swimming flumes and counter-current pools (please refer to our Glossary) for most diverse target groups in rehabilitation, leisure, private and competitive sports.

Versatile Solutions

As early as in 1976, our company started designing and constructing highly efficient flumes and counter-current pools for swimmers, canoeists, rehabilitation patients from competitive sports and recreational customers alike. Our services include creating customarized training and performance diagnostic programmes for swimmers and individuals who practice sports for leisure and health purposes. We provide you with exact measurement procedures and innovative evaluation technology for the TZ swimming flumes and counter-current pools. Upon your request, we train your staff to operate the facilities and measurement equipment and to supervise selected training and exercises.

To be the world leader in high performance sports turbines ...

... we work continuously in research and development. We want to make sure that our innovative and attractive systems continue to offer everything the market demands and our customers want.

Our Philosophy:

Responding to Changes – We go with the flow!

Our broschure - streaming water

We – that is the Technische Zentrum (TZ) in Leipzig, Germany, with our team of expert engineers. Our passion is dedicated to the making of counter-current pools. From the very first sketch until the last screw in this technological masterpiece – everything is designed by us in graphical 3D-drawings.

Our unique counter-current pools are enjoyed by many clients worldwide, such as in Shanghai and Rizhao (China), Tenerife (Spain), Bern, Davos, Zurich, and Wollerau (Switzerland), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), University of Bangkok, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich (Germany). We deliver to Russia, China, Malaysia, Switzerland and of course Germany.

Among our clients are health, sports, fitness and rehabilitation institutions – from top-class national training institutes to private home-owners.

We expect the „trend” to stay fit and healthy getting stronger. National health insurance increasingly support health prevention programs. Institutions are following suit equipping their facilities with counter-current pools, for example.

Whether small or big – we find the perfect pool for you! For the renowned Suisse „Bernaqua” spa and pool complex/aquatic park, and together with the famous architect Daniel Libeskind, we designed their river pool – now the „world’s largest adjustable counter-current system featuring underwater geysers” (Bernaqua).

Streaming Water

Book Streaming Water

Our book "Streaming Water for Sports Training and Exercise Therapy" can be ordered as follows for 69.90 euros:

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ISBN: 978-3-949240-06-5

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