Flume for Canoe Racing Potsdam

Reference - Canoe countercurrent system Potsdam

Canoe Racing Counter-Current Pool Potsdam ...

Canoe-Counter-Current Pool
Canoe-Counter-Current Pool

... at the Olympic training centre in Potsdam is worldwide unique in its kind.

Water flow speeds of up to 6.50 m/s allow competition training for single and double canoes. Using competition-level techniques, endurance, strength and speed can effectively be trained in this highly-efficient flume.

Sophisticated measuring equipment meets the highest requirements of IT-based training under consistent external conditions. Athletes and trainers alike highly appreciate all these reproducible top-class conditions which are ideally suited for performance diagnosis.

Technical Specifications:

Pool Size:
9,70 m x 3,90 m x 0,90 m (L x W x D)

Flow Rate: 0 - 6,5 m/s

Drives: 2 Drives each 250 kW

Realization: 1983

Modernization & Refurbishment:
1. 1994
2. 1999