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Your own Personal Trainer
Your own Personal Trainer

... is manufactured from plastics. The unit uses a specifically designed steel frame as bracing and can be individually sized, as desired by our clients. The pool, equipped with all beneficial features and comfort of proven TZ technology, offers individual swim training both in streaming and still water. The fact that you can boost your overall fitness with exercises for better strength, endurance, speed and agility using different aids, make the pool a high-quality gym.

You can actually become your own personal trainer, here.

The whole-body massaging effects of streaming water are extremly popular and deserve special mention, here. With a large number of possible games for the pool, it simply makes your leisure time FUN!

Depending on the Customer's Request, we deliver the System
Depending on the Customer's Request, we deliver the System

Technical specifications:

Pool Size:
5,00 m x 2,50 m x 1,35 m
(L x W x D)

Flow Rate: 0 - 1,7 m/s

Drives: 3 Drives each 15 kW

Additional Equipment:
Control and Measuring Computers
Motion Detection System
Underwater Window

Realization: 2009