Rehabilitation Flume Bernsteintherma/Zinnowitz

Reference - Rehabilitation Flume Bernsteintherme/Zinnowitz

Rehabilitation Flume Bernsteintherme/Zinnowitz

Freizeit- und Fitnessbereich
Leisure and fitness area

Thanks to our sophisticated engineering concept, this TZ counter-current-pool can be used for a wide range of applications: leisure and fitness, for selected tasks in competitive sports, medical rehabilibation and health sports.

The streaming water helps to build up a stable physical condition, improves agility, endurance and speed – all according to the user’s specific needs. Alternating periods of strain and rest in the warm streaming water guarantee a soothing experience of relaxation. We supply the flume with an attractive package of devices and accessories that facilitate a large number performance diagnostical measures. And last, due to the versatile options for games and play coming with the counter-current pool, you will probably not want to get out of it!

Technical specifications:

Pool Size:
7,60 m x 6,50 m x 1,35 m (L x W x D)

Flow Width: 2,0 m

Flow Rate:
0 - 1,6 m/s

Drives: 2 Drives each 37 kW

Additional equipment
Control and Measuring Computer
Remote Control
Video Camera
Equipment for
Measurement the Heart Rate and of Equilibrium

Realisierung: 2001