Rehabilitation Flume Medianklinik Leipzig

The Rehabilitation Counter-Current Pool Median-Klinik Leipzig ...

Securing the Stress and Recovery Times of Patients
Securing the Stress and Recovery Times of Patients

... are particularly suited for the use in outpatient and inpatient rehab and physiotherapeutic facilities.

The use of hydrostatic and dynamic effects of water (e.g. whole-body massage effect, vascular training, technical and movement coordination raining) treatment of patients is much more efficient than in still water. With the stepless increase of water speed, the intensity of water pressure can be systematically changed. Just like in other application areas of he TZ Counter-Current-Pool, an exact reproducibility of water speed is indispensable for specifying performance levels.

With water flow speeds of 0.1 - 1.4 m/s trainers and physiotherapists can achieve various therapy objectives. TZ Counter-Current-Pools with partial streaming-in, i.e. not over the total water surface, allow steps to be installed in the part of the pool where water remains calm. These stairs offer many advantages in water therapy, such as alternating periods of strain and recovery for patients, and a safe exit from the pool in case of unforeseen events. We do recommend patient lifts for severely disabled participants.

Rehabilitation Canal of the Medianklinik Leipzig
Rehabilitation Canal of the Medianklinik Leipzig

Technical Specifications:

Pool Size:
7,50 m x 4,70 m x 1,35 m (L x W x D)

Flow Width: 2,9 m

Flow Rate: 0 - 1,4 m/s

Drives: 2 Drives each 22 kW

Additional equipment:
Control and Measuring Computers
Patient Lift

Realization: 1998