Small & Private Flumes

Aqua Fitness and Mobile Counter-Current Pools

Private flow channel for year-round outdoor operation
Private flow channel for year-round outdoor operation

The latest one of our innovations is a counter-current pool made of polypropylen, which is used as compact pool.

This innovative counter-current pool fulfills specific requirements of smaller health institutions for rehabilitation, fitness, swimming and triathlon. The pool excels through features such as ideal streaming conditions, ease of use, a long life-time and high value for your money.

We are pleased to lead the private client market segment with this special pool. Our customers can now get into the swim every time of the day without leaving the house. After the swim, they can indulge themselves in the comfort, enjoyment and wellness experience of their own uniqe water spa!

Convenient stairs easily install into this counter-current pool part where the water remains still. This pool is suited for recreational sports, for spas and private homes. It features all the benefits and convenient comfort of TZ technology, and offers individual swim training in streaming water. The fact that you can boost your overall fitness with water-based exercises for better strength, endurance, speed and agility using different aids, make the pool a high-quality gym. You can actually become your own personal trainer, here. The whole-body massaging effects of the streaming water add another super advantage and also deliver the perfect relaxation experience after training.

With a large number of accessories for pool games, your time for fitness and leisure becomes FUN!