Swimming Flume OTC* Halle/Saale

Reference - Swimming Flume OTC Halle/Saale

The Swimming Flume OTC Halle/Saale ...

Further Development of the Training Methodology
Further Development of the Training Methodology

... is operated with current speeds of up to 2.5 m/s and yet offers an homogenous current profile – perfect conditions for swimmers! There are no waves causing adverse effects on the swimmers’ breathing or swimming position. Our R&D team has successfully reduced air bubbles to a minimum. Even in high speeds of more than 2.00 m/s visual conditions are still excellent - what a great additional advantage!

For more efficient training methods, we consider it indispensable to monitor:

  • Complex performance criteria
  • Partial abilities and
  • Swimming technique skills

all under reproducible conditions.
Our state-of-the-art flume offers all of these excellent conditions!

We are proud to say that this is “one of the most modern flumes in the world”.

Uniform Flow Profile
Uniform Flow Profile

Technical Specifications:

Pool Size:
7,00 m x 4,00 m x 1,35 m (L x W x D)

Flow Rate: 0 - 2,5 m/s

Drives: 3 Drives each 45 kW

Additional equipment:
Foldable Handlebar
Patient Lift
Retractable Stairs
Control and Measuring Computer
Remote Control
Motion Detection System
Video Projector
Underwater Window

Realization: 2011