Swimming Flume OTC* Hamburg

Reference - Swimming Flume OTC Hamburg

This swimming flume OTC Hamburg ...

Swimming Channel for Training and Performance Diagnostics
Swimming Channel for Training and Performance Diagnostics

... had originally been built by the utility company Hamburg Wasserwerke GmbH in 1991.

In 1992, the swimming flume was taken into operation. Unfortunately, it turned out that the client’s planning objectives were not fully achieved.

In 1995, the TZ Leipzig was commissioned with the restructuring and reconstruction of the swimming flume using proven TZ technology. As a result, the swimming flume has been successfully in operation since then!

In 2008/2009, TZ Leipzig technicians integrated a new air extraction system and renewed the control technology.

This highly-efficient swimming flume is now used by satisfied professional swimmers in their performance diagnostics and training.

Conversion of the Flume
Conversion of the Flume

Technical specifications:

Pool Size:
7,50 m x 2,50 m x 1,30 m (L x W x D)

Flow Rate: 0 - 2,3 m/s

Drives: 2 Drives each75 kW

Realization: 1991

Modernization & Renovation:
1. in 1995
2. in 2009